After registering to vote in Florida to explore a congressional run there and then being pushed out of New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District by local party leaders, #RichieRichter is now ‘shopping’ in his third congressional district all while living in a fourth! He’s redefining the word carpetbagger.

#RichieRichter trashed President Trump and did pay-to-play business deals with Joe Biden’s corrupt brother. You would think he’s running as a Democrat, right? Nope! The anti-Trump, pro-Biden candidate is actually claiming to be a Republican! Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any more strange.

Deals with Dictators:
Richter, Gaddafi & China

Muammar Gaddafi slaughtered innocents and killed American soldiers. (1)

President Ronald Reagan called him a “barbarian.” (2)

Despite that, David Richter still bragged about doing business with Gaddafi’s terrorist regime. (3)

David Richter also was eager to do business with anti-American regimes in Iran, Cuba, and even Communist China!! (4)

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Best Buddies with Biden:
Richter’s Shady Deal

David Richter was business partners with Joe Biden’s corrupt brother. (1)

Richter admitted (2) that he teamed up with James Biden as part of a pay-to-play scheme to line his pockets with millions in fat contracts.

(Fact Check: 1. Breitbart News, “New Jersey GOP Candidate David Richter Attacked Trump, Donated to Democrats, Has Ties to Bidens,” 12/11/19; 2. New York Post, “How five members of Joe Biden’s family got rich through his connections,” 1/18/20)

Entitled One-Percenter:
Richter Gets Greedy

Click the links below and see how David Richter lined his own pockets with millions of dollars in salaries and perks, while his shareholders took a financial beating.

“Unlike Hyman Roth in The Godfather II who always made money for his partners, the Richters only seem to make money for themselves.”

Richter’s awful business decisions tanked Hill International’s stock price by 80%.

Despite raking in multi-millions in salary and stock, Richter ripped off shareholders by making them lavish him with outrageous perks for himself and his family, like luxury cars and country club memberships.

According to Securities and Exchange Commission filings, Richter even had the company pay for his household maid staff for personal use!

Really Bad Businessman:
Richter Tossed from Family Business

David Richter was forced out of his own company because it was a disaster. (1)

The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) sued (2) Richter’s company for:

  • “accounting fraud and disclosure violations”
  • “failure to maintain accurate books and records”
  • “misconduct…materially false and misleading financial statements”

(FACT CHECK: 1. Philadelphia Inquirer, “Hill International’s CEO, David Richter, resigns, 5/3/17; 2. United States District Court, Civil Action No. 20-cv-00447)

Insults President Trump:
Richter Slams Trump Again…and Again

David Richter on 2016: “There are a very good number of highly credible and capable Republican candidates for the presidency.  Donald Trump is not one of them.” (1)

David Richter in 2020: Condemned by Trump for President Co-Chairmen for saying the President Trump lacked principles and was all about himself. (2)

(Fact Check: 1. Breitbart, “New Jersey GOP Candidate David Richter Attacked Trump, Donated to Democrats, Has Ties to Bidens,” 12/11/19; 2. Press of Atlantic City, “Van Drew rival Richter not backing down over Trump comments,” 1/11/20)

Princeton Carpetbagger:
Richie Richter Goes District Shopping

2018: Richter registers to vote and casts his ballot in Florida, apparently district shopping near Miami.

2019: Richter moves back to Princeton, but registers to vote in Avalon, where he also rents a house, as part of a plan to run in the 2nd Congressional District.

2020: After getting run out of the 2nd Congressional District, Richter decides to run in the 3rd Congressional District, despite still living in Princeton in the 12th Congressional District.

Today: Richter is running for Congress to represent Burlington and Ocean Counties… from the comfort of his Princeton mansion. He’s redefining carpetbagging in the extreme.

Fleecing Taxpayers:
Richter’s Rip Offs

In 2010, Richter’s company submitted a bloated $1.2 million bid to supervise a construction project for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) that was 22.4% higher than the NJTA’s in-house engineer estimated it would cost. Even after the acting Transportation Commissioner James Simpson slammed Hill for inflating the prices and negotiated it down to $980,000, Governor Christie stepped in and vetoed the contract, deeming it not a fair, nor reasonable price. (1)

As part of a school construction project in Millstone Township, Richter’s firm increased costs by nearly $4 million on a $34.5 million budget, forcing the designer to have to remove classroom space to accommodate the inflated costs foisted on them by Hill International. When challenged by local officials for the reason behind the larger price tag, Richter blamed…the Iraq War. (2)

In yet another instance, Richter’s company managed a school construction project in Middletown where cost increases exceeded the original approved amount, requiring municipal taxpayers to approve a second $9.6 million bond referendum to finish the project. (3)

(Fact Check: 1. Proceedings for New Jersey Turnpike Authority, Special Meeting, 5/5/10; 2. Asbury Park Press, 9/1/04; 3. Asbury Park Press, 9/9/04)

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