Deals with Dictators:
Richter, Gaddafi & China

Muammar Gaddafi slaughtered innocents and killed American soldiers. (1)

President Ronald Reagan called him a “barbarian.” (2)

Despite that, David Richter still bragged about doing business with Gaddafi’s terrorist regime. (3)

David Richter also was eager to do business with anti-American regimes in Iran, Cuba, and even Communist China!! (4)

(FACT CHECK: 1. PBS, “Muammar Qaddafi and Libya’s Legacy of Terrorism,” 10/13/15; 2. NPR, “For Reagan, Gadhafi Was A Frustrating ‘Mad Dog’,” 3/24/11; 3., “Interview: David Richter, CEO of Hill International,” 7/24/15; 4. ConstructionWeekOnline, “Face to Face: David L Richter, Hill International,” 7/19/15)

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