Fleecing Taxpayers:
Richter’s Rip Offs

In 2010, Richter’s company submitted a bloated $1.2 million bid to supervise a construction project for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) that was 22.4% higher than the NJTA’s in-house engineer estimated it would cost. Even after the acting Transportation Commissioner James Simpson slammed Hill for inflating the prices and negotiated it down to $980,000, Governor Christie stepped in and vetoed the contract, deeming it not a fair, nor reasonable price. (1)

As part of a school construction project in Millstone Township, Richter’s firm increased costs by nearly $4 million on a $34.5 million budget, forcing the designer to have to remove classroom space to accommodate the inflated costs foisted on them by Hill International. When challenged by local officials for the reason behind the larger price tag, Richter blamed…the Iraq War. (2)

In yet another instance, Richter’s company managed a school construction project in Middletown where cost increases exceeded the original approved amount, requiring municipal taxpayers to approve a second $9.6 million bond referendum to finish the project. (3)

(Fact Check: 1. Proceedings for New Jersey Turnpike Authority, Special Meeting, 5/5/10; 2. Asbury Park Press, 9/1/04; 3. Asbury Park Press, 9/9/04)

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